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The Results of My Life's Last Two Years are Out

Kutay talks about his results after his journey taking the IB diploma programme.

As some of you readers may know, I was an IB student for the last two years and got my diploma a couple weeks ago, on July 6th. I'm dedicating this post to discussing my results, talking about each subject, discussing how I studied those subjects, and where I'll be attending university. Let's start with my HL subjects.

Who am I Anymore? An IB (upd on leaks)

Kutay's update on the leaks happened through the IB exams for the M24 cohort.

The last couple of months (four) have been... tiring, at the very least. I had two mocks over the last one and a half months, and I am now having the "real deal." It is really stressful since I HAVE to get a 776 at HLs. My mocks went really well (6s and 7s at everything), but now I'm not sure how I'm going to do on the real ones.

Trying to Go to College

Kutay's thoughts on going to college or university in the UK and US as an international student.

Hello, again... I thought I wouldn't write another post for a while, well, because I have a couple of things going on in my personal life, one of which is obviously college applications.

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