Who am I Anymore? An IB (upd on leaks)

May 2, 2024

Kutay's update on the leaks happened through the IB exams for the M24 cohort

The last couple of months (four) have been... tiring, at the very least. I had two mocks over the last one and a half months, and I am now having the "real deal." It is really stressful since I HAVE to get a 776 at HLs. My mocks went really well (6s and 7s at everything), but now I'm not sure how I'm going to do on the real ones.

Physics and Lang A are over (I think I did well on them, needing a 7 for physics), and I had maths this week UNTIL we (the whole globe) heard about the paper leaks—papers one and two. How can you be this degenerate, indecent, and low-life? I really cannot believe people cheat at an exam that won't change anything for them but make hell loose for honest people like myself and millions of others. Hopefully, IBO will do something about these leaks, and hopefully I can get some sleep.