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After 60 Years, a Must-Watch: To Kill a Mockingbird

After Harper Lee's book, Robert Mulligan's 60-year-old movie is a showpiece that everyone must watch.

Inspired by the book written by Harper Lee with the same title as the movie, "To Kill a Mockingbird" by Robert Mulligan is a must-watch. The film is set at a time when human inequality and racism were making headlines, and there were many protesters against them. However, it depicts an American era where gender equality didn’t exist and everyone had some kind of racist thought (except for someone). This movie amazingly shows how gender inequality happens in some parts of our lives.

Paved With Good Intentions: The 11th Hour

While the movie "The 11th Hour" by Leonardo DiCaprio is created with nice thoughts, the execution is not so well thought.

Climate change is an issue that has been very important for the last two decades. People have started to worry about what is going to happen to the world and humans if we continue this usage of materials and energy. To learn what happened and to have new perspectives, people are watching documentaries and films about global warming and climate change. A film/documentary made in 2007 is now one of the most searched films about climate change as the film has Leonardo DiCaprio as a narrator and co-producer. The film's intention was to raise awareness and give out a message. The film did what its intention was, but it was very light and it didn’t motivate people to take action.

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