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How to Practice Mathematics as an Art

Kutay discusses two starting points on how students can practice mathematics as an art.

A couple years ago, I was truly fascinated by 3Blue1Brown's videos. It was actually his video on an unexpected result that came from colliding blocks that really captured me in the art of mathematics. I couldn't believe that two simple blocks would produce π=3.1415926535897...\pi = 3.1415926535897...

The Results of My Life's Last Two Years are Out

Kutay talks about his results after his journey taking the IB diploma programme.

As some of you readers may know, I was an IB student for the last two years and got my diploma a couple weeks ago, on July 6th. I'm dedicating this post to discussing my results, talking about each subject, discussing how I studied those subjects, and where I'll be attending university. Let's start with my HL subjects.

Why Do People Just Hate Mathematics

Kutay talks about why he thinks people just hate mathematics, finding teaching of mathematics the main culprit.

In my latest post on why mathematics, as a research area, is lonely, I talked about why people just hate mathematics shortly but wanted to write another post, and here I am. In there, I mentioned how our society is kind of divided into two: the ones that are good at mathematics and the ones that are not good at mathematics. I also alluded to how our teaching of mathematics in schools are terrible. In this post, I'm going to expand on what I talked in the other post, giving additional insights.

Why Mathematics is Lonely

Kutay gives insights into why mathematics may be "lonely" and why that might not be the case.

After a really long time, I am finally writing a post that is essay-esque, which will be about why I think mathematics is lonely. I watched a video about on this, and I wanted to write about it too (maybe in more depth). Note that I am not a maths student (I will be majoring in computer science next year), but I think I can give some insights around the topic. I found a couple reasons to why mathematics is lonely—around our culture and even between mathematicians—and why there is some hope.

Maclaurin and Taylor Series

A presentation that Kutay gave on Maclaurin Series for IB Mathematics AA.

I decided to do a presentation on Maclaurin series for Maths AA HL class, which is in the curriculum. I made the slides for the presentation using Beamer (with LaTeX), and honestly, it was great. By the way, I kind of utilised 3B1B's technique of teaching. Taylor Swift Series (Maclaurin Series), a joke.

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