About me, myself, and this site


I am a high school student getting an education as an IB student, and I am a person who loves to code. I created dozens of projects with C, C++, Python, and JavaScript. I competed and still compete in olympiads in informatics, for which I was on the national team for two years.

I am the co-founder of Dynamic Initiative, a non-profit organisation trying to get education in coding to everyone. With this organization, I am giving online workshops for everyone in the nation to join, and in the future, I plan to expand it to include international workshops with every kind of topic being discussed.

I am the vice president of my school's Computer Science Club. In the club, we have a blog about computer science, coding, and everything related to it. We also had and will have seminars at our school about coding; for instance, we organised a seminar on cyber and information security. In the future, I plan to create a monthly paper-based journal, and I want to expand the seminars we did in our school to different schools in the city.

With a friend, I created an active blog that discusses the new improvements in artificial intelligence and the art it creates. In the blog, for example, we discuss if AI is useful to artists or if it will make people lose their jobs.


If you have anything to say, please email me at hello@mkutay.dev. Even though I won't be able to respond quickly, I read every email I get, and I will definitely get back to you. Or you can find me on Fediverse (Mastodon), LinkedIn, or Instagram.

You can find my CV here.